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gamescom and GDCE

The flaregames team is back from Cologne. Andreas, Georg and Klaas had an awesome time there. At GDCE, Klaas and Andreas gave a sneak peak of the upcoming first game of flaregames – working title “flatmates”. We are very happy about the very positive feedback on our thoughts and what we showed.

Now off to some real work again – motivation was definetely boosted significantly!

NERF battles!

During the last days with the gamescom coming closer we really worked hard and a lot. Until Andreas brought his NERF gun…

That started kind of an arms build-up. And as of today there is officially no desk in this office without at least one or two of these little “toys” – from handgun-size up to an assault shotgun with a huge 80-shot drum magazine.

Every now and then a massive firefight breaks out. We are very lucky that there are no NERF-nuclear bombs, otherwise the next round of arms build-up would certainly include plenty of those…

We’ll give a lecture at GDCE!

Klaas and Andreas are giving a talk at the Game Developers Conference Europe 2011! Titled “169.939.900 Square Miles: Real World Games Beyond Check-Ins”, it will show, from both game design and production perspectives, how to create a new, uniquely immersive gameplay experience that integrates the real world like it never has been done before.

From flaregames’ first days to the gamescom product demo, Klaas & Andreas will guide you through their decision process: why flaregames picked that exact setting, art style and game mechanics, and how they transcended the platform limitations to boost creativity and build something really unique.

A sneak peak at the company’s upcoming first title, to be released [when it's done], is included. Come and join us for this amazing talk Tuesday at 5:40 – 6:30 in the Offenbachsaal, 1st floor.

Flaregames is leaving stealth mode

Today we officially announced that the 16 of us are working on a Mobile Reality Game that will deliver an experience beyond anything the world has ever seen. We will show a demo of our first title to select media and potential business partners at gamescom in Cologne, Germany, in August. Look forward to it!

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