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5 minutes with… Benjamin Ying, flaregames Senior Product Manager

It’s set to be packed year of mobile game releases for the team at flaregames HQ. First up, we’re busily working with LA-based developer Superweapon to bring our mobile RTS Dawn of Steel to Android and Windows PC and mobile devices, having launched the game last year on iOS devices to critical acclaim.

Benjamin Ying, Senior Product Manager at flaregames, took 5 minutes out of his day to talk about the game and what it’s been like working with the talented Superweapon team over in the States.

Benjamin Ying
1.What was your original role – from flaregames side – in bringing Dawn of Steel to life?
I’m currently working as a Product Manager for the team and that more or less means I need to ensure a great game for our players. I spend most of my day looking at data and player feedback to see how they are interacting with the game and then helping make decisions on what kind of features we want to work on next. I essentially find things we want to fix in the game and set our goals. It really is the rest of the team in Los Angeles and Karlsruhe – from the engineers to designers – that make the magic happen.

2. What has it been like working with such an experienced team at Superweapon?
The Superweapon team really brings a perspective on RTS games that few teams have. We constantly challenge them and they come back with better designs and implementations than we were expecting. This is the importanceof experience and it shines through on every feature we work on.

3. What are some of the positive reactions to the game by the community that have been most pleasing?
The best reaction is when players say they like controlling their rigs while battling. This is a core part of the game and giving players that level of command over their battle is what makes the game so satisfying to me.

4. From your personal perspective as a gamer, what are your favourite aspects of the game?
Besides the control you have with the rigs, I like the fact that the game is open-ended and the battles you choose on your world map have an impact on what you unlock next. The world is alive with constant events and battles going on. What you do affects other players also. This level of immersion is difficult to pull off and the Superweapon team did a great job doing that.

5. What are some of features coming in future updates that will impact how players plan their offensive/defensive strategies?
We started working on this game with the explicit idea that this was going to be a social game with players interacting with one another. The designers have been hard at work coming up with a cool event that will take current elements of the game and expand on them. We want players to battle against each other and make it meaningful. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to play it with our players!

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