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Simplifying the IAP set-up process – Abhimanyu Kumar, flaregames Senior Product Manager

He may have only joined the team a few months ago, but one of our newest additions to the Product team, Abhimanyu, is already making an impact here at flaregames!

In this short interview, Abhimanyu talks about an in-app purchase tool he recently designed in three days using just Google Spreadsheets for support. This tool is currently being rolled out at flaregames HQ and has helped to streamline workflows, simplify processes and save time during the set-up of IAPs across the company portfolio.

To explain further, Abhimanyu recently took the time to answer a few questions on how the concept was planned, designed and rolled out!

1. Why was this IAP tool designed?
The tool was designed because setting up multiple in-app purchases (IAPs) for our various games was taking way too much time (sometimes running into days due to the multiple steps that needed to be done manually), took away precious time of multiple functions (time that could be well spent elsewhere), and was a process prone to human error and with no fixed processes or historical records. This tool is a solution to all of these issues we were having before!

2. How easy was it to do?
It was a 3-day effort to come up with the tool, and it was done all on Google Spreadsheets. It wasn’t really rocket science, but someone just needed to spend time thinking about solving these problems (as outlined above). For the user, it’s simply comes down to entering a few fields and columns, exporting the data and uploading it to the platforms.

3. How will it benefit the work done at flaregames?
Well in the old world, setting up 10 IAPs used to take us at least 4-5 hours. With this tool, it takes just 30 minutes. I’m pretty sure you can even set up 25 IAPs in no more than 45 minutes! The tool has been successful in freeing up time of multiple functions related to IAP creation and it’s definitely a major step up from how we used to do things in the past.

4. Is it now being used in the office?
Yup, we’re using it quite actively within flaregames and users of the tool are quite happy with the amount of time it is saving them.

5. How could it be useful to other gaming developers/publishers?
The tool is quite fluid in terms of its design, so any developer/publisher can just make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet and start creating IAPs with it instantly. There is definitely some documentation to go through during first time usage so as to make the most of the tool – but it’s pretty intuitive after that.

flaregames is currently working on a version of this awesome IAP tool that will be offered to other members of the global developer community in the near future. In the meantime, if you are a developer and wish to participate in a closed beta test of the tool, please email Abhimanyu directly at – 


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