About us

flaregames is a fast-growing mobile game publisher based in Germany, with its HQ in Karlsruhe and its development studios in Frankfurt (Keen Flare) and Tampere (Kopla Games).

Our publishing portfolio is ever-evolving thanks to the strength of the partnerships we create with world-class developers based all over the globe, from San Francisco to Tampere and beyond.

But while our wider company mission is one of delivering unforgettable gameplay experiences to our players, there remain six key pillars we stand by when identifying the next addition to our portfolio -


We assess the visual uniqueness of a game and where it’s positioned in relation to broader entertainment trends. Each one must display potential to spawn a household name.


We measure against quality standards from other platforms and mediums and analyse market trends. Each game must have the awesomeness to top the charts.


Our founder Klaas set up Gameforge in 2003 as one of the first western companies to embrace free to play. flaregames was founded in 2011 with a belief in this same model, which we continue to apply to every game we release in the present day.


We know a game has it when our whole office is hooked. Such games create emotive experiences that stimulate smiling, laughing, shouting, even cursing!


We believe in the power of meaningful choices in our games and in engendering personal attachment, whether to an individual character, a base or a wider experience. Each game must give players the tools and content to create their own legacies.


An experience shared is an experience best enjoyed. From Alliances to replay sharing tools, our games transcend the ‘Like’ button and explore new ways for players to broadcast their achievements.

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