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The Class of 2014


As you surely know, Apples App Store team, diligently working to present their millions of users with the best games and apps each week, creates a list of the best of the best each year. This list differs slightly from country to country and platform to platform. Overall, the wonderful puzzler Threes was honored as the best game of 2014:

We congratulate Asher Vollmer and his team at Sirvo. Great work, boys! We had a serious lapse in productivity in February as everybody was “three’ing”.

Here’s the complete list:

And flaregames was honored, too: Our game Royal Revolt 2 made list of “other great games” in more than 30 countries, most of the time on both iPad and iPhone. This puts us among the best 25 iOS game developers of the year. And makes us very proud, of course. Let’s shout out our joy:

news_steve 2
The game was developed by our great Frankfurt team, Keen Flare. And it would not have had such impact without the help of our great community of Royal-Revolt-Fans on Facebook (430.000 strong by the time of us writing this) and elsewhere. And without our friends and partners everywhere.

Many thanks to everyone involved!

Remember BraveSmart?

It has been more than two years now that we published “BraveSmart”, our first game as a company. It was a small project, more of a test than an earnest commercial venture. Still, it was a profitable game and people seemed to like it: Not many games have straight 5 stars on average.

BraveSmart was a clever and addictive Match-3-game in the vein of Triple Town. It had a unique look and was set in Scotland, of all places.

It rated quite well in reviews also:

Yet, it was our first game as company and in many ways experimental as we were only just finding our “style” as a company.

Flaregames Shows Strong Growth in 2014, Hires 100th Employee

Flaregames Expands Organization on the Back of Recent Successes like Royal Revolt 2, Evoker and Agents of Storm

Karlsruhe, Germany November 11, 2014 | Flaregames, leading mobile games developer and publisher, today announced that their headcount has risen to 100 employees. The majority of the workforce is stationed in the headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, while the rest are based in Frankfurt. The team growth stems from a targeted recruiting campaign aimed at bolstering the Publishing and Marketing departments. The company has recently transformed from a self-publishing developer to a developing publisher and brought in renowned development studios like Subatomic Studios and Remedy Entertainment to its stable of partners. Still, development of fully owned franchises in Karlsruhe and Frankfurt will not slow down: about 60 percent of staff work directly on game development.

”We’re growing very fast but we’re still focused on maintaining an open company culture and a sustainable business. Our elaborate hiring process helps keeping the company a**hole-free.“ said Klaas Kersting, founder and CEO of flaregames. “We’re investing heavily in Publishing structures, personnel as well as technology, in order to cope with the pipeline of upcoming high profile games. Yet, we still are a developer at heart and will continue to build our own games as well.“

The management team has been expanded with a number of international key hires as well, here’s an overview:

Klaas Kersting, CEO and Founder
(formerly CEO at Gameforge AG, Angel Investor)
Justin Stolzenberg, Director of Product
(formerly COO at European Games Group)
Kristan Rivers, Director of Operations
(formerly Executive Director, Digital Distribution Asia-Pacific at Paramount Pictures)
Norman Pretzl, Director of Finance & Administration
(formerly Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company)
Ralf Adam, Executive Producer
(formerly Managing Director at Virgin Lands)
Matthias Schindler, Co-Founder and Head of Studio Karlsruhe
(formerly Managing Director at Rough Sea Games)
Pete Walentin, CEO Keen Flare and Head of Studio Frankfurt
(also COO at keen games)

Aside from top executive appointments, flaregames has attracted international talent in every department, among them industry veterans such as Sebastian Knopp (used to be Chief Product Officer at App Search Engine Xyologic), Borja Guillan Alvarez (Lead Game Designer of Plants vs. Zombies 2) and Pascal Clarysse (formerly Marketing Director of international games retailer Lik-Sang; author of an upcoming book about Rovio and Angry Birds).

Going forward, flaregames plans to keep expanding both revenue and workforce. In early 2015 the company will move into bigger offices in Karlsruhe to accommodate the growth. More than a dozen open positions can be found on the website:

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