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Flaregames and Incross Collaborate to Make Korean Launch for Royal Revolt 2 on Kakao a Major Success [PRESS RELEASE]

royal revolt 2 kakao

Karlsruhe, Germany, 3/17/2015 | Flaregames, a German publisher and developer of mobile games, today announced that their flagship product, PvP action strategy game Royal Revolt 2, has launched on South Korea’s market leading chat platform Kakao. The game is published by Incross, a Seoul-based games company also known for their publishing brand “TheAppsGames”. For the Korean launch under the name of 로열로더 for Kakao” Royal Revolt 2 was adapted and culturalized by flaregames and Incross. The game is available as a free download in the Google Play Store and the app store of Korean search giant Naver.

Installs of Royal Revolt 2 through Kakao reached nearly 120,000 units during the first 24 hours; the game went straight to No. 1 of the Kakao download charts. After four days the game also reached the Top 5 of the “most downloaded apps”-charts of Google Play Korea and entered the Top 30 of the best grossing Apps. It is among only a handful of games developed in the Western hemisphere to achieve such a success in Korea, the third largest mobile games market in the world.

The game’s launch was accompanied by a number of innovative marketing activities, orchestrated by Incross, among them a cooperation with upcoming Korean Rap stars C. Jamm and Vasco, who made songs and videos about the game.

“RR2 has enjoyed great success in the Western markets, and we believe it can easily be as successful in South Korea. Together with our friends at flaregames and our partners at Kakao we have worked hard during the last months to adapt the game to the taste of the Korean gamers,” says Incross CEO Jaewoon Lee. KakaoGame Global Business Team Manager Khan Ko adds, “We are excited to see Royal Revolt 2 launch on KakaoGame Platform. We hope to see great results from this game over the coming months.”

“Royal Revolt 2 has now come full circle – it is a truly global brand with success in every major region, from Europe to the Americas to Asia. But that’s just the first arrow in our quiver for 2015: We expect to surpass the success of Royal Revolt 2 with our upcoming mobile RTS Dawn of Steel,” says Klaas Kersting, CEO and founder of flaregames. Georg Broxtermann, flaregames co-founder and responsible for Asian partnerships, adds, “Our partners did great work in Korea, bringing our Asia strategy to fruition in a great joint effort. We always believed in the potential of a culturalized version of Royal Revolt 2 for Korea and were thrilled when we started negotiations with Incross and Kakao. We learned many valuable lessons in this cooperation that will go a long way towards making our upcoming games even more successful in Korea and other Asian markets.”

Royal Revolt 2 was launched in the Western markets in early 2014, first on iOS and Android, later on Windows Phone and Windows 8. The game has stayed in the charts since then, accumulating close to 20 million downloads. It was included in Apple’s “Best of 2014” list and is an Editors Choice game picked by the Google Play Editorial board. The series was developed by Keen Flare, flaregames’ Frankfurt studio.

International flair

Picture Book Report illustration 2: You'll need to have this fish in your earPete, our esteemed Loca Manager, did an internal survey to see which languages are spoken by flare employees.

These are the results:

The flaregames team comprises 18 nationalities, speaks three distinct native forms of English, a few local German dialects and a total of some 21 languages. (Not including Texan.) We also have colleagues with Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Taiwanese roots, amongst others. And a handful of complaining Canadians.

Argentinian, Bulgarian, British, Canadian, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, French, Galician , German, Hungarian, Indian, Israeli, Italian, Kazakh, Romanian, Scottish, Spanish, Texan, US American

Bulgarian, Croatian, Cantonse Danish, English (US, Canadian, British), French, Finnish, Galician, German (includes Swabian, Bavarian and other dialects), Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Kannada, Mandarin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish (includes Argentinian and other dialects), Telugu

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A Letter from the CEO

Dear friends,

the year is nearly done. This is a time for rest, a time for reflection.

In game development, we are all about proving things: With concept art, we aim to prove that a certain style might be fitting. With a game prototype we aim to prove the game can be fun. This goes on and on, we’re proving that we can find our target audience, that we can scale the audience with marketing et cetera.

Royal Revolt 2, released early in 2014, was a most important milestone for the whole company. It fell to this game to prove that flaregames was able to deliver exactly what it was built to deliver: a globally successful F2P multiplayer game. Our earlier games did okay, received good reviews even, but they couldn’t do what Royal Revolt 2 did: support the whole company, enable the development of high budget games, put us on the map of mobile gaming.

Royal Revolt 2 helped us shift up a gear as a company, helped us secure the next round of funding, helped us kickstart our transformation from a self-publishing developer to a self-developing publisher.

And we’re still building up steam: About 50 percent of the money we spent in 2014 went into development of games to be published in 2015. We have increased our revenue by 350 percent in 2014 and are aiming for at least 350 percent growth in 2015. We aim to publish at least half a dozen high profile games next year, half of them developed by our Frankfurt and Karlsruhe studios.

The best is yet to come, my friends.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

Klaas Kersting
CEO & founder of flaregames

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