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Mobile Strategy Game Dawn of Steel Blasts its Way to iOS this Summer

High-profile mobile game by flaregames and Superweapon has entered final phase of development

Flaregames, a leading international developer and publisher of F2P mobile games, today announced thatDawn of Steel, a deeply tactical strategy game for iOS devices, launches in late August 2015 in Western markets. The game is currently under development at Superweapon, Los Angeles, a young studio formed by veteran game developers who worked on prestigious strategy game franchises like Command & Conquer, Empires & Allies, Company of Heroes, and The Lord of the Rings.

Dawn of Steel aims to capture the essence of the real-time strategy genre for mobile devices: Players assemble squads of gigantic piloted battle walkers, called Rigs, and direct them on an assault of enemy fortifications. Success depends on tactical prowess, quick decision-making, and precise movement. This is assisted by the intuitive direct-touch control scheme that lets the player feel the mechanized power he’s controlling. To defend against these mighty armored behemoths, dealing destruction with surgical precision, is no easy feat: Players have to use cunning, strategic foresight and, again, tactical thinking, as base-building in Dawn of Steel is more than just unlocking and placing buildings. Commanders get to utilize stationary weaponry, which must be arranged carefully to maximise damage with overlapping lines of sight, and can launch automated counter-attacks through the use of unit-spawning buildings. They must align buildings within the effects of auxiliary installations to maximize their defensive potential, and this makes for base-building that is unmatched in tactical depth.

On the lush surface of the planet Leviathan, corporate armies battle for control of Plasma, the most precious resource of all. And on this very battlefield, the fate of Earth will be determined.

Amer Ajami, President of Superweapon, says: “We aim to create a stunning mobile experience and are making some crucial last-minute tweaks during these last few weeks until our launch in August. The game has been in beta for quite some time, and thousands of enthusiastic players have been giving us valuable feedback, which we’ve been using to make the game better with every release. We’re convinced that both newcomers and hardcore strategy players will love Dawn of Steel and its unique style of play.”


Deals Signed, Development Underway: Zombie Gunship, Inc. Is Coming

Mobile publisher and developer flaregames signs publishing partnership with high-profile mobile game studio, Limbic, to bring a new mobile game to the beloved Zombie Gunship franchise

Karlsruhe (Germany) / San Francisco (USA), June 19, 2015- Mobile games publisher flaregames today announced the signing of a publishing deal with prominent mobile game development studio Limbic for the next installment in Limbic’s popular Zombie Gunship franchise. Limbic and flaregames aim to recreate this success when the new title, tentatively named Zombie Gunship, Inc., launches globally in 2016.

San Francisco-based Limbic has over 36 million players. Among its hits, Zombie Gunship, launched in 2011, maintained the #1 Top Grossing chart position for several weeks after its launch. Limbic’s Co-Founder and CEO, Arash Keshmirian: “We’ve decided to move towards a free-to-play approach with the new game, and are confident that, teamed up with flaregames, we can bring immersive, compelling and beautiful player experiences to larger audiences.”

Zombie Gunship, Inc. has been in development since January. Limbic is focusing on continuing to bring the immersive, console-style gameplay of the original to fans, and using Limbic’s proprietary 3D engine to provide next-generation visuals far ahead of current mobile games on the market.

Limbic’s Keshmirian: “I’m really excited to be working with CEO Klaas Kersting and his incredible team in Karlsruhe. They have a wealth of knowledge in building large-scale server-based online mobile free-to-play games, and have the organizational strength to help us succeed on such an ambitious project. Above all, I’ve really enjoyed the positive attitude at all of flaregames, and it starts with Klaas, a driven-but-humble founder, with the distinguishing quality of actually being a serious gamer.”

Klaas Kersting, CEO and founder of flaregames, added: “I truly am a fan of the first Zombie Gunship game and am greatly honored to be able to help create the sequel I (and millions of gamers) have been waiting for. Co-developing Zombie Gunship, Inc. with the talented and focused teams of Limbic is a personal dream come true – and adds another gem to our already shining line-up!”

Limbic is growing its team as it ramps up development, including the hiring of veteran visual effects developer Eric Froemling, well known for award-winning work at Pixar, and as the creator of the hit Android title BombSquad. “I couldn’t think of a better person to head up the visual effects for Zombie Gunship, Inc,” remarked Keshmirian. Also joining the team are veteran artists Erling Saevarsson and Jeff Miller, both formerly of CCP Games. Limbic is still looking to add more engineering talent to its roster.

For flaregames, this new agreement is part of a larger initiative to build an impressive publishing portfolio of top-tier mobile games. Recently the company announced partnerships with high-profile game developers such as Subatomic Studios, Superweapon and Remedy.


We want a Tabby!


Good news! Our game Royal Revolt 2 has been nominated in the “RPG, Simulation & Strategy” category. If you like RR2, please hop over to the voting page and help us turn the public vote in our favor:

Also, we’d like to congratulate our fellow German studios Wooga (nominated in “Best Adventure” with Agent Alice) and MegaZebra (running for “Best Cards, Casino and Dice game” with Solitaire Chronicles). Good luck!

Alliance Wars!


We have updated our flagship product, PvP action strategy game Royal Revolt 2, with the biggest upgrade to date. Version 1.8.0 finally introduces warfare between Alliances. The Alliance system had been successfully established with update 1.5.0, now, with the release of the new feature, Alliances in Royal Revolt 2 have come full circle.

All live versions of the game, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8, have been updated – and all around the world, Alliances have gone to war.

All features explained in detail: An introduction to Alliance Wars

Download Royal Revolt 2 here: iTunes | Google Play | Windows Phone Store | Windows Store

Flaregames and Incross Collaborate to Make Korean Launch for Royal Revolt 2 on Kakao a Major Success [PRESS RELEASE]

royal revolt 2 kakao

Karlsruhe, Germany, 3/17/2015 | Flaregames, a German publisher and developer of mobile games, today announced that their flagship product, PvP action strategy game Royal Revolt 2, has launched on South Korea’s market leading chat platform Kakao. The game is published by Incross, a Seoul-based games company also known for their publishing brand “TheAppsGames”. For the Korean launch under the name of 로열로더 for Kakao” Royal Revolt 2 was adapted and culturalized by flaregames and Incross. The game is available as a free download in the Google Play Store and the app store of Korean search giant Naver.

Installs of Royal Revolt 2 through Kakao reached nearly 120,000 units during the first 24 hours; the game went straight to No. 1 of the Kakao download charts. After four days the game also reached the Top 5 of the “most downloaded apps”-charts of Google Play Korea and entered the Top 30 of the best grossing Apps. It is among only a handful of games developed in the Western hemisphere to achieve such a success in Korea, the third largest mobile games market in the world.

The game’s launch was accompanied by a number of innovative marketing activities, orchestrated by Incross, among them a cooperation with upcoming Korean Rap stars C. Jamm and Vasco, who made songs and videos about the game.

“RR2 has enjoyed great success in the Western markets, and we believe it can easily be as successful in South Korea. Together with our friends at flaregames and our partners at Kakao we have worked hard during the last months to adapt the game to the taste of the Korean gamers,” says Incross CEO Jaewoon Lee. KakaoGame Global Business Team Manager Khan Ko adds, “We are excited to see Royal Revolt 2 launch on KakaoGame Platform. We hope to see great results from this game over the coming months.”

“Royal Revolt 2 has now come full circle – it is a truly global brand with success in every major region, from Europe to the Americas to Asia. But that’s just the first arrow in our quiver for 2015: We expect to surpass the success of Royal Revolt 2 with our upcoming mobile RTS Dawn of Steel,” says Klaas Kersting, CEO and founder of flaregames. Georg Broxtermann, flaregames co-founder and responsible for Asian partnerships, adds, “Our partners did great work in Korea, bringing our Asia strategy to fruition in a great joint effort. We always believed in the potential of a culturalized version of Royal Revolt 2 for Korea and were thrilled when we started negotiations with Incross and Kakao. We learned many valuable lessons in this cooperation that will go a long way towards making our upcoming games even more successful in Korea and other Asian markets.”

Royal Revolt 2 was launched in the Western markets in early 2014, first on iOS and Android, later on Windows Phone and Windows 8. The game has stayed in the charts since then, accumulating close to 20 million downloads. It was included in Apple’s “Best of 2014” list and is an Editors Choice game picked by the Google Play Editorial board. The series was developed by Keen Flare, flaregames’ Frankfurt studio.

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