Development partners

Since we started our publishing initiative in June 2014, we have announced the following development partners.

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Kopla Games, based in Tampere, Finland, was founded in 2015 by four seasoned developers; CEO Mika Kuusisto, Product Lead Janne Jaakkola, Art Lead Ilkka Siik and Tech Lead Vilppu Tuominen, who initially teamed up while working on Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise, Kopla Games’ mission is to introduce action RPGs to everyone - their debut title, codenamed ‘Project Nonstop’, will be launched in cooperation with flaregames in 2016.

Mika Kuusisto, Kopla Games CEO and co-founder, says: “There are many companies releasing action RPGs for mobile, yet there is a gap in the market for such an adventure that resonates with a much broader audience. This is exactly our reasoning for releasing Project Nonstop – we want to take the long life-time and good monetisation of action RPGs and create accessible gameplay experiences for all.”

Superweapon is a team of game development veterans under the lead of Amer Ajami, who worked as Executive Producer at Zynga and contributed to the Command & Conquer series at EA before that. The studio is located in Los Angeles, USA, and has been in stealth mode since 2013, quietly working on a major mobile RTS game, for which flaregames has now acquired the global publishing rights for all platforms.

Amer Ajami, President of Superweapon, says: “We have been taking our time looking for the perfect partner to publish our upcoming game. We finally chose Flaregames, as they understand strategy games, they understand mobile, and they understand F2P. And they are gamers at heart who share our vision. We are building a great game together.“

Limbic is an independent entertainment company founded in 2008 known for its innovations in mobile game technology and its commitment to high-quality gameplay. Limbic’s award-winning debut title, TowerMadness, launched in 2009, with a sequel in 2014. Limbic’s other titles, Nuts! and Zombie Gunship, both achieved Top-3 status on the App Store. Limbic has over 36 million downloads of its games worldwide.

Limbic’s Arash Keshmirian says: “I’m really excited to be working with CEO Klaas Kersting and his incredible team in Karlsruhe. They have a wealth of knowledge in building large-scale server-based online mobile free-to-play games, and have the organizational strength to help us succeed on such an ambitious project. Above all, I’ve really enjoyed the positive attitude at all of flaregames, and it starts with Klaas, a driven-but-humble founder, with the distinguishing quality of actually being a serious gamer.”

Remedy is a veteran studio best known for their AAA PC and console franchises like Max Payne and Alan Wake. Remedy have also enjoyed success on iOS and Android with their Death Rally Franchise, a brutal racing game that achieved over 16 million downloads and reached no. 1 in 84 countries.

Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy, says: “The crew at flaregames is a dream team for mobile publishing. They have the tools, technology and know how to push games as a service further than we could on our own. For Agents of Storm having someone who shares our hunger and is not the incumbent is the right fit. We are both small dedicated companies who can punch above our weight. Also a larger part of that is how Klaas carries himself and the example in values he sets for his crew. In development and publishing these guys are craftsmen and take German engineering perfection seriously. And in business it is easy and transparent, I’ve never done a deal this size this quickly in my life.”


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