Flare Accelerator

Flare Accelerator is an incubator initiative designed to help awesome F2P mobile game developers validate their game’s business case quickly.

As part of Flare Accelerator, developers gain access to the full range of our publishing expertise, with dedicated points of contact throughout our team.

At the outset, the conversation begins with – “How do we validate this opportunity together?”. From there, we conduct a full evaluation of a developer’s game and determine if Flare Accelerator is the right engagement model to maximise its chances of success.

We believe that investing our time, expertise and resources in relationships with great developers pays dividends over multiple titles. We want to find studios we can release multiple games with over many years. This is why we are investing 20m EUR – with significant marketing budgets in addition to this figure – into the program over its first 18 months alone.

If you have a F2P mobile game in a mid to late stage of its production and are interested in learning more about Flare Accelerator, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at sourcing@flaregames.com.

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