Working at flaregames

Our journey has only just begun: we are a start-up company with great ideas and remarkable employees, both industry veterans and youngbloods! Check out our job openings and get in touch!

We believe in giving creative people enough freedom to explore their ideas. We believe in solid development processes, strict gates and fast cycles of feedback and iteration. We believe in using our own technology – AND the best tools available on the market.

We believe in the tremendous potential of mobile gaming and the opportunities of a young, expanding market. Games are our passion, gaming is our lifestyle.

We don’t like to boast, but flaregames is great place to grow. Our workforce is comprised of Germans to a big part, but also from the US, France, Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Argentina, Canada, Italy, Korea… and Denmark, of all places. Before flaregames our guys worked at games companies like EA, Popcap, European Games Group, Rough Sea Games, Pro7Sat1 Games, Gameforge, Travian Games, Nintendo, Microsoft, Gameloft, Ubisoft, Disney, Digital Chocolate and others. And interesting companies from other areas, for example Virgin Lands (Animation), Social Point (Marketing), Xyologic (Analytics), IDG (Publishing) or Zalando (eCommerce).

Work with us, work with the best

Competent knowledge and an established experience are important. But even more important is the human being behind the qualification. We believe in humans making the difference – not knowledge! To be more explicit: We aim to create an asshole-free environment. Assholes hinder collaboration, assholes poison culture, assholes make good people have less fun and be less efficient. We’d rather miss deadlines than hire assholes, so we put emphasis on our 4-step recruiting-process:

1. We have a chat. Via Skype, normally, but if you’re around we’re happy to take you for a drink or two.

2. We have a formal interview. This can take hours. We want to know everything about how you work.

3. You visit us for one or two days of “work trial”. You meet the whole team and introduce yourself with a short talk. You meet the stakeholders for your position and are be given an individual trial task.

4. You work on your task, give a presentation with your results to the stakeholders, answer questions.

Then we’ll send you out of the room, discuss among ourselves and finally: vote. Every stakeholder has a veto. And only then we will invite you to become one of us.

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