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We’re growing fast, but we’d rather cancel projects than hire the wrong people. We look for professional excellence, but we always put the applicant’s personality first. We’re willing to go to great lengths to keep our teams asshole-free.

So, you’re talented, hands on, a true team player and not afraid of hard work? Please apply! We would love to receive your application via e-mail. Please include a CV and an up-to-date portfolio of your work so far. Direct all applications to and tell us how you found us. All open positions are in Karlsruhe or Frankfurt, Germany.

Currently we are looking for:




Asset Production Manager Karlsruhe Marketing
HR Manager Karlsruhe Administration
Full Stack Web Service Developer Karlsruhe Development
Internship Game Tester (Practical Semester) Karlsruhe Quality Assurance
Systemadministrator – Working Student Karlsruhe Administration
MQA Tester Karlsruhe Quality Assurance
Java Backend Developer Karlsruhe Development
Senior Gameplay & UI Programmer Frankfurt Development
Senior Server Programmer Frankfurt Development
Gameplay & UI Programmer Frankfurt Development
Server Programmer Frankfurt Development
Data Analyst – Intern Karlsruhe Product
Technical Artist Karlsruhe Development
QA Software Engineer/Programmer Karlsruhe Quality Assurance
Senior UI Artist Karlsruhe Development
UI and Game Play Programmer Karlsruhe Development
Monetization Expert Product
Senior Producer Karlsruhe Producing
Web Backend Developer (Node.js) Development
Director Marketing Karlsruhe Marketing
Product Manager Product
Game Design Director Karlsruhe Game Design
Team Tester Karlsruhe Quality Assurance
Mobile Media Manager Karlsruhe Marketing

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