Incubation Producer

flaregames runs an incubator program called the Flare Accelerator. The focus of the program is to help emerging developers validate the business case for their F2P mobile games in mid and late stages of production. The program comprises two halves; Phase 1 – Incubation and Phase 2 – Co-development & Publishing. Phase 1 requires the support of several experienced producers in a number of key areas.

The Incubation Producer coordinates the challenge that is portfolio development by being the incubation team’s voice for development realities and its central communication hub. More importantly, the Incubation Producer owns the publisher roadmap for all of the validation activities performed during Phase 1 across multiple (typically 3-4) titles.

The focus of the role is on facilitation of flare’s publishing tool set and coordination of remote teams with multiple in-house service departments all working on separate validation activities. There is also a significant amount of evaluation work. This evaluation aspect comprises the game(s) progress as consumer facing products, their progress relating to the integration of the flaregames tool set, the on-boarding of key publisher team members to the project at different points in life and tracking of the developer team’s trajectory.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee the production of externally developed games, from signing date through to transition out of the incubation phase and into a dedicated game team.
  • Facilitate and improve communication between internal and external teams spread across different locations.
  • Create and manage the incubation production schedules of multiple games together with their respective development studios.
  • Collaboration with the publishing designer team to establish the minimum viable product roadmap.
  • Identify project risks and assists with forming mitigation strategies .
  • Ensure that productions stay within time, budget and quality targets, particularly with reference to the financial and scheduling tolerances of the Phase 1 – Incubation.
  • Participate in game and team evaluations, including on-site due diligence of studios.
  • Ensure that a common production vision between flaregames and developers is maintained and that all interests are aligned with the current production phase.
  • Monitor and report on project status and project needs.
  • Liaise with all other publishing departments within flaregames, including monetization, business intelligence, community, tech team, QA, localization etc.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Multi-year track record in a production role in the games industry. Games as a service experience is a plus. Experience in product evaluation at a games publisher is a significant advantage.
  • Extensive knowledge of games and game development, shipped multiple titles. Experience and understanding of the publisher’s value add and responsibilities is also a major plus.
  • Excellent organization and project management skills
  • Confident and goal-oriented, yet thorough in decision making
  • Organized, methodological, disciplined and forward-thinking approach to work
  • In-depth knowledge of project management relevant tools and methods
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills with strong leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • You feel ownership for your game(s)
  • You are practical, dedicated and independent in your work and a convincing team player

We offer

  • A fulltime, permanent position
  • Being part of an international team that is built around challenging values (Be bold, Take ownership, Trust your team and Keep evolving)
  • A challenging, results-achieving environment with a flat hierarchy
  • A voice in our team: you will feel that your contribution to the quality of our games is decisive
  • An asshole-free workplace, populated by true team players
  • Many ways to grow your personality, skills and area of competence
  • Coffee, juice, Club Mate and other hipster drinks to quench your thirst, and daily fresh fruit to keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed








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