Junior Product Manager

At flaregames, the Product Manager is the objective, data-driven voice of the product who drives the perspective of maximizing the game’s performance.
PMs will work on both existing game growth and new game development, combining analytical rigor and creative enthusiasm in order to find effective and innovative ways to engage players while ensuring the commercial success of the product.

Key Responsibilities 

  •  Interprets qualitative and quantitative data and formulates concrete hypothesis about user behavior in the game.
  • Identifies areas where the game can be improved and ensures those are communicated effectively within the game team.
  • Develops and/or evaluates feature ideas to execute on the product strategy, closely collaborating with the development team and publishing oganization.
  • Specifies granular product goals in line with the team’s goals.
  • Measures and quantifies product performance against goals and reports back to the team and company regularly.
  • Defines the learning goals of the project and works with BI to ensure the tracking definitions are crafted in such a way as to be able to measure those goals.
  • Owns pricing and ensures the game is properly priced in all markets. Owns A/B tests set up and analysis.
  • Creates and maintains the game’s promo and events journey.
  • Keeps track of the product’s success-critical KPIs.
  • Liaises with other departments and stakeholders on a daily basis.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Strong data analysis and Excel skills. Experience with SQL and large data sets are a plus.
  • Ability to present work, analysis and investigations results to game teams and developers
  • Passion for Games, particularly Free-to-Play Mobile RPG, Strategy, and Action titles.
  • Confident and goal-oriented, yet thorough in decision making
  • Strong analytical capability and an ability to think and execute beyond the borders of your team
  • You feel ownership for your product
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • You are practical, dedicated and independent in your work and a convincing team player
  • You have fun and are fun
  • B.A. or higher degree in Business / Economics / Statistics / Game Design is a plus

We offer

  • A fulltime and permanent position
  • A challenging but great working environment with a flat hierarchy
  • An asshole-free workplace, populated by true team players
  • Many ways to grow your personality and skills
  • A voice in our team: your contribution to the quality of the game is decisive
  • Coffee, juice, Club Mate and other hipster drinks to quench your thirst, and even fruit to keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed



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