flaregames is the publisher of choice for veteran game developers.

Says who? Say we. Bear with us, we’ll get to the point shortly. So, why do we want to be a publisher, your publisher?

We’ve been a developer from the start. In 2012 we became a publisher as well —  for our own games at first. But we also made baby steps into real publishing with Keen Flare, which went from a joint venture to a fully-owned subsidiary. Then with WordOn HD by Huckleberry Games, where we essentially redesigned the game together with the developer. We have learned from our mistakes and successes, we built expertise and tools and a publishing infrastructure. In doing so we noticed that the model so many publishers employ is broken: They are all about distribution.

But to make a game successful these days much more is needed: tracking, monetization, quality assurance, localization, support, user acquisition et cetera. We have built this infrastructure for our games, we hired very good personnel, we iterated all our publishing processes — and now we feel that we’re strong enough to let others participate. And we mean that: We don’t have tools for our games and different tools for external games. Ah, and perhaps it’s worth mentioning that all our guys in Publishing are “product guys”, not “marketing guys”, as we only hire gamers.

And what do we offer?

We’re providing very elaborate support for each of our developers, from a dedicated producer for every game to individual contact persons in monetization, QA, UA, PR, community management, support, localization and the other fields. Most publishers promise something like that but few can deliver. We have the people, we have the knowledge, and we have the will to make yours a well-monetized game with millions of downloads. And, since you ask, we also offer funding. But that depends on the deal — all our deals are custom deals, the time of one-size-fits-all is over in our industry.

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