Statement by Klaas Kersting – 12th November 2018

Klaas Kersting, Flaregames CEO and Founder:

I’m hugely proud of what we’ve achieved at Flaregames over the past years.

We’ve supported some of the world’s finest mobile game developers, built up valuable relationships within the gaming industry and received a host of awards that take pride of place in our lobby.

Our mission has been to make Flaregames a “one-stop shop” for every service a mobile game developer could require.

Nevertheless, we’re operating in a hit-driven business and while we’ve enjoyed success with recent high-profile launches, it hasn’t been at a scale to sustain the long-term future of the company in its current state. As a consequence, I’ve today announced several key changes, which restructure our operations around our greatest strengths and areas where I feel we can secure the best chance of long-term success.

As of today, Flaregames’ publishing services will centre around senior-level expertise in areas of game development, live game operations and marketing with the aim to offer a more bespoke skillset to developers. Smaller service teams that provide a hand-crafted experience to our partner studios is a shift away from our past strategy of treating all studios’ needs generically.

We are also creating a separate entity to Flaregames GmbH, encompassing our owned studios in Frankfurt (Keen Flare) and Tampere (Kopla Games) plus other studio acquisitions, which we’re actively pursuing (and close to announcing). This new entity leverages my own skills as an experienced investor, with over 15 game investments in the last 5 years in companies such as Supercell, Geewa and PikPok, while aligning with one of our greatest strengths — the nurturing of top-class development studios with a crystal-clear product vision and an incredible IP. As a working relationship, Flaregames’ centralised services in Karlsruhe will support these studios with in-house expertise where required, whether that means product testing and optimisation, growing and engaging a community, or something more technical like consulting on game server infrastructure architecture.

Refocusing our core business has required a number of hugely difficult decisions, the greatest of all being to release 45 members of our team here in Karlsruhe. I’m deeply saddened that we lose today such awesome colleagues and friends.

As for myself, I no longer feel I am the right person to be leading Flaregames’ operational publishing business. My primary contribution to the future of this company will be devoting my time to new business areas, namely studio and major IP investments within the scope of the new entity. Todd English, previously Head of Studio, becomes – as of today – CEO of Flaregames GmbH. Todd has a deeply rooted development studio background (notably at companies such as PopCap Games and EA) and will be awesome at driving forward our publisher service offering.

While more will be announced in January 2019 regarding the organisational split between Flaregames GmbH and the new entity, I want to reiterate how incredibly tough it has been to reduce our team and wish all those affected the very best for the future.

Klaas Kersting


Todd English


Headshots + Flaregames logo downloadable here.