“Design a Pet” competition opens for Nonstop Knight!

Calling all budding designers, sketchers, artists and doodlers – Flaregames wants you to design the next pet buddy to feature in Nonstop Knight, its hit mobile action RPG for iOS and Android devices.

In Nonstop Knight, unlockable animals (as well as dragons and trees…) feature as battle buddies for the knight, who certainly needs the support when faced with an infinite horde of enemies to fight. Alongside the developers at Kopla Games, Flaregames are now giving fans the chance to design their own pet buddy, with one winning entry, as judged by the Kopla Games art team, to be implemented in-game!

The entry mechanism is simple –

1. Draw/design a pet buddy you think would look cool in Nonstop Knight
2. Upload an image of that design to Twitter or Instagram, including #nonstopknight in the post text
3. Post this design by 5th December, with 1x winning design being announced on 15th December on the Nonstop Knight Facebook channel.

To support the campaign, Flaregames has also teamed up with YouTube stars such as Draw with Jazza, Vivziepop, Yair Sasson Art, EthanGamer and Hannah Hoffmann to inspire fans with some awesome designs of their own.

“We’re always listening to feedback and ideas from our amazing community, so it was an obvious choice to get fans involved in designing our next pet,”  said Ilkka Siik, Kopla Games Art Lead and Co-Founder. “We hope players have fun brainstorming designs and we can’t wait to see what they come up with! For all budding video game artists, this is also a great chance to have your work featured in front of millions of players across the world!