Flick Arena launches across Europe on iOS and Android

Real-time PvP multiplayer title from Flaregames and Sweet Nitro launches a pan-European contest alongside over 25 YouTube stars

Mobile gaming publisher Flaregames today announces that the hunt is now on for Europe’s top strategy gamers with the launch of its European Trophy event for real-time PvP multiplayer title Flick Arena (free to download on iOS & Android). Lasting ten days, the event is now live for players across Europe and will culminate with one country being crowned as the champions. To promote the campaign, Flaregames has enlisted the support of over twenty-five influencers across five European countries (Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy) to act as coaches and to provide shout-outs and pro gaming tips to spur on their home nation to victory.

Flick Arena is a real-time PvP multiplayer game of strategy and wits in which players build their character loadout to go head-to-head with other gamers in epic quickfire duels. The aim of the game is to kill the enemy King or eliminate all his minions to win Trophies. Players collect and upgrade characters to level up their existing deck, as well as unlocking new characters to add to their roster. Characters include a ninja with bouncy Shurikens, an astronaut who can fly across holes and a fire-breathing dragon. The most skilled players progress up the game’s numerous leagues for fame, glory and continuous rewards, while facing off against opponents of their skill level each time.

Realising that even the best gamers need top tips and support from their favourite influencers, some of the influencers Flaregames has partnered with for the game’s launch include:

Puuki  — Diseax — Mrmobilefanboy — Sutranix — PrankBros — Royalistiq — DNPNL — Clonny Games — TolgahanAlsGamer — Patty Dragona — AndroiMers — CamiloGames — FixFive — Malcaide — Seinhor9 — DavidK — Ashtax — Axael — Godsavethefish — Frigiel — BFA — Kazuosan — Ferre — Piazz 

At the end of the European Trophy event, the top 100 players from each country will contribute to a total national score (based on collective number of Trophies earned), with the top three performing countries being unveiled. Meanwhile, players screenshot sharing their highest European Trophy event scores on Twitter will be in with the chance of winning a special edition Flick Arena national team e-sports shirt.

Flick Arena is published by Flaregames and developed by Sweet Nitro, a mobile games studio based in Andorra. Flick Arena is the debut game from the Flaregames Accelerator, an incubation program tailored to leading mobile game developers with projects in a mid to late stage of production. The Flaregames Accelerator program is set up to provide developers instant access to Flaregames’ full free-to-play publisher skillset and acquire rapid validation of their game’s business case. Launched in early 2016, Flaregames is set to invest a total of 20m EUR into the program over 18 months, with significant marketing budgets in addition.

For more information and to download Flick Arena, visit the game page.