Olympus Rising

Command Greek Gods and Heroes!

As epic as the myths it draws from, Olympus Rising hurls legendary heroes and monsters into battle—and the prize is Mount Olympus. Tower defense and base-building mesh beautifully—when you’re not leading an army to topple enemy strongholds, you’re fortifying your own base to withstand other players’ assaults. Gorgeous graphics fuel every quick skirmish, and it’s a blast smiting hydras and gorgons while playing as icons like Hercules, Prometheus, and Helen of Troy.

– Fight large-scale battles with hundreds of units
– Customise your unique team of Heroes with almost infinite variations of powerful loot
– Recruit fantastic beasts from Greek myth and legend
– Build a fabulous city on Mount Olympus
– Strategically design your defenses to defeat attacking players
– Form an unbeatable Alliance and fight epic campaigns in the Alliance Wars


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