How community-designed wizard skins made their way into Super Spell Heroes

By Nico Nottin, Head of Community Development

“What would an ultimate wizard wear?” That’s the question we at Flaregames posed to the community of Super Spell Heroes, the PvP puzzle duel game we released in August.

Soon after the game’s launch, we offered fans the chance to come up with their own alternate costume designs for any of Super Spell Heroes’ three starting duelists: Zenron, Jane and Thoben. The winners would then have their designs faithfully recreated by the game’s developer, Sviper, as unlockable in-game character skins in a future update.

That update goes live today, bringing the very best designs from the community – as chosen by Sviper – into the game. It wasn’t easy to whittle the entries down, though, and we and Sviper were utterly blown away by both the volume and quality of submissions.

antonillustration took first place for his brilliantly dark ‘Singularity Purple’ design for Zenron, even going the extra mile by designing ‘Plague Green’ and ‘Eruption Red’ variants.

Second place went to Lily Hosegood and her excellent Thoben design, which gives the monk a blindfold and vivid green accessory detailing.

MissBlubb took third place with her fiery design for Jane, adding a rune-adorned hood and a mystically-swirling staff.

You can see all these brilliant skins in the new Super Spell Heroes update, but there were many, many more than three designs that we would have been proud to implement in Super Spell Heroes. Partly to thank for this were seven of the most creative influencers in the worlds of gaming and art – including Draw with Jazza and ClayClaim – with whom we partnered for this competition.


Running the gamut of traditional and digital artistry, the influencers threw themselves into the challenge and inspired fans to flex their own artistic muscles. They introduced new audiences to Super Spell Heroes and encouraged entrants that the only limit was their imagination.

We at Flaregames have also worked extensively with influencers for previous releases, including Nonstop Chuck Norris, Zombie Gunship Survival and Flick Arena. It’s not the first time we’ve tapped into the creativity of our community either; we ran a similar campaign encouraging fans to design a pet for an update to Nonstop Knight.

Huge thanks, of course, go to everyone who entered the competition and the influencers who worked with us. Together, you answered the question “What would an ultimate wizard wear?” more comprehensively and with more style than we could have ever imagined.