Our Publisher Mission


If you're a developer and need more muscle to get your game out there - we got you! Our mission is to provide the scale, marketing, infrastructure and free-to-play expertise that you need to bring your masterpiece to the masses. You make the game. We make it scale.


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Experienced DevOps, Platform and Game engineers help you build on a scalable technical foundation.
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Free-to-play experts in Production and Monetization help you test, optimize and monetize.
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Data scientists apply churn prediction and monetization prediction algorithms to maximize performance.
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User Acquisition, Brand, PR and Influencer teams tell engaging stories and bring your game to a global audience.
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Senior teams in Community, Customer Support, QA and Localisation teams help keep it running for years to come.




Unleashing radical engagement, retention and monetisation growth. We apply research and analytic techniques to boost the product strategy and secure long-term commercial success.

  • Free-to-play expert benchmarking & consulting
  • Engagement, retention & monetisation growth
  • Monetisation management
  • User & market research
User Acquisition

User Acquisition

Finding high lifetime value users through best of category ad networks and various creatives. We run campaigns on multiple platforms with the aim to make profitable UA in an efficient and effective way.

  • Multi channel global campaigns
  • Creative advertising
  • Smart prediction and optimizations for ROI
  • Profitable and Scalable UA
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We assist our Production and Development Teams to achieve the best quality for their products. Therefore we constantly monitor if our games are matching Flaregames’ standards/requirements and user expectations.

  • Verifying release candidates in terms of overall quality and compliance
  • SDK and Tracking events tests
  • Functionality, compatibility and stability tests
  • Benchmarking our games against competition and Flaregames requirements
PR & Influencers

PR & Influencers

Leading the communications strategy in line with the broader marketing roadmap. We generate millions of audience impressions – by leveraging the latest PR, influencer and viral media techniques – that translate into downloads.

  • Product (B2C) & Corporate (B2B) PR campaigns
  • Media relations & Events management
  • Influencer relations & campaign management
  • Viral media production


We are the Builders and Operators of our games back end infrastructure in an extremely fluid and completely automated environment. Our mission is to consult with developers to identify and define patterns in game server infrastructure architecture and to develop tools implementing those patterns to ensure that our games are reliable and run at scale in a multi-cloud landscape.

  • Support multiple Cloud Providers.
  • Automated IT Infrastructure Management.
  • Automated Deployment Processes.
  • Consultation for best practices in game server infrastructure architecture.
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting.
Publishing Platform

Publishing Platform

We provide features that every successful F2P mobile game needs, so that they can focus on game development.

  • Player segmentation & behavior tracking
  • AB-testing
  • Promotions and Events
  • Push Notifications, In-App Messages & IAP validation

Meet Us

Date Time Venue Attending
24.10.2018 24th - 26th Game Connection Europe, Paris, France Aurelien Merville, VP, Developer Relations, Falko Boecker, Senior Developer Relations Manager, Chen (Grace) Wang, Developer Relations Manager
12.11.2018 12th - 14th Casual Connect Asia, Shenzhen, China Chen (Grace) Wang, Developer Relations Manager
15.11.2018 15th - 18th G-Star, BEXCO, Busan, South Korea Falko Boecker, Senior Developer Relations Manager, Chen (Grace) Wang, Developer Relations Manager

Flaregames Accelerator

Flaregames Accelerator is an incubation program designed for mobile game developers – with a game in mid to late stage of production – to gain instant access to Flaregames’ full F2P publisher skillset and acquire rapid validation of their game’s business case. Then, with its portfolio of already live and in production games, Flaregames leverages its knowledge-base to unlock each Accelerator game’s long-term potential.

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