The Future of Publishing (Video)

At the recent Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco, Flaregames’ VP Marketing Mickael Bougis was invited to speak on a panel concerning a topic close to our hearts: the future of game publishing.

“Publishing independent games is about 90% of our business,” began Mickael on stage. “We do also have two studios that we own, but we treat them exactly the same as our external studios.”

Mickael went on to discuss what Flaregames looks for in a game, the evolution of mobile game publishing (and Flaregames within it) over the past four years and, drawing on his experience at EA and Microsoft, the key differences between mobile and console publishing.

“On console, you’re looking for a team that can ship the game,” he said. “On mobile, you’re looking for a team that can run that game for five years. If you look at Royal Revolt II today, for example, Keen Flare – the studio that we work with and bought in 2014 – has been running that game for four-and-a-half years now. And the revenue today is very similar to the very first month.”

The discussion then moved on to the power of portfolio in modern publishing, and how Flaregames works hard to make this a tangible benefit for developers with around 20% of those who play any Flaregames title also playing a second game in the portfolio.

Mickael also discussed Flaregames’ Accelerator program, from which we launched Flick Arena in June, and the headway we’re making in bringing Western-developed games to the Chinese market. You can watch the full session here.